About me – Tuğba Işık

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I’m an industrial engineer working as a UX designer at arabam.com.

I have started to my professional career as a management trainee in Finansbank in 2010. At the end of my first year, my senior manager offered me to join the CEO Office department to construct Turkey’s first direct bank, Enpara.com.

We designed every detail of this new bank, from banking service agreement to hassle maps, even online banking screens only in six months. At the beginning, I was basically assisting to my senior. While working, enjoyed it so much that took over all UX design job. After the launch of Enpara.com, my main responsibility become the digital assets. I  carried out the whole mobile banking project. Even it was my first mobile application, both IOS and Android apps become one of the highest rated mobile banking apps in Turkey.

Afterwords, I aimed to enrich my competence by working on different projects. To do so, I started to work in a digital agency, Tribal Worldwide Istanbul. During my agency carrier, I carried out several digital projects including corporate, B2B and B2C e-commerce web sites and mobile apps. My clients were from different sectors such as telecommunication, construction, entertainment, energy, automotive and retailers.

Currently I’m working at arabam.com, a digital platform for second hand car sales for both individual and commercial users, which is trying to catch up the number 1 used car platform of Turkey.

Ömür Kula Çapan

Managing Director at Tribal Worldwide Istanbul

“She is one of the best creative minds that I’ve ever worked with. Her sense of logic and her sense of direction never weakens and yet she can think out of the box. She’s analytical, she’s practical and she will make you laugh 🙂 Her sense of humour is just another example of her insightfulness and proves how fully she grasps the human condition. She will fight you until she can find the meaning in a seemingly boring job. She will always help you keep in mind that all this is for a reason. She is a must have in all teams. She is above all, a great friend.”

Elsa Pekmez Atan

Executive Vice President, Enpara.com Digital Banking and Customer Experience Office

“Tugba is one of those rare individuals who excel in both analytical and creative thinking. She has demonstrated her skills and her endless passion to learn repeatedly, while redesigning bank’s credit card sales process or building complex analytical propensity models or designing Enpara.com’s social media strategy, website and mobile banking application. Looking back, I still cannot believe Tugba, whom I hired for her strong analytical skills, ended up becoming the lead UX/UI designer of the Enpara.com team without any prior design education or experience. She is one the most curious, passionate and insightful minds I have ever met. This, combined with her ability to learn and adapt quickly, enables her to succeed in anything she chooses to focus on.”