– Tuğba Işık
IDEFIX.COM.TR E-commerce Website Redesign


We had to design an e-commerce website for people who don’t like marketers, make shopping decisions with emotions. We should be respectful to their values. To do so, we focused on organising the contents currently used on the website and how we can use this knowhow power of Idefix to improve their expert image. 

People were trusting their book choices, so we tried to emphasise “this is a well curated collection”. On every product page, we used every information about that book to help user to make a purchase decision, awards, critics, comments, related literary movements, related products (books in the same series, movie of the book, soundtrack of the movie, books written about that book, etc.).


There are certain factors effecting people’s choice during book buying process, such as writer, publisher, translator, prizes, literary movements… Some of them were already took place in Idefix, but some of them were missing. And even there are information, they were not well connected to each other and the products. For example, there were writer details, but there were no information about awards they got, their contemporaries, or literary movements they got inspired. So we put these “expert level” information to impress real literature enthusiasts and also help people who are not so expert to find the next book they may want to read.


Idefix had great contents like reading lists specially curated by famous artists, 1001 books you must read before you die, top 25 novels of previous year, etc. Even all these list serve for the same object, answering “What should i read?” question, these lists were settled so disorderly that it was hard to connect. And each of these lists had different and complicated layouts, some of them even had just a reduced size of an image from Sabitfikir magazine. We gathered together all the materials and applied a common list style for all of them to make it all easy for web admins to manage these lists and users to find, understand and wander around.